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Solar air conditioner system in Singapore


Published by Mars May 13,2019

     In the summer,the temperature is so high that we need to use air conditioner.In some area,it don’t have electricity,but people want to make their space cooling.Then solar air conditioner system is the best choice for them.

solar powered air conditioner

    Mr.Steve lived in Singapore, he do the cooling project in Singapore ,so have 5+years experience for AC power air conditioner,but it is his first time to use solar air conditioner system.

    He want to install 12000BTU solar air conditioner system in his villa.Because he think the battery cost is expensive,so he want to use off grid solar air conditioner system without batteries.Our sales Lucy explain to him,this air conditioning system should have stable power,so it need to use battery work with.In a day,some hours sunshine is weak,sunshine is strong in another hours.we regarding this air conditioning system can work without battery,then when the sunshine is weak,the air conditioning system will stop to work,when the sunshine is strong,the air conditioning system start to work.And in the night time,you can not use solar powered air conditioner.Do you like it?Solar power is like a one time investment,you pay the money in the beginning,then after some years,you will begin to use free energy,it is worth.Then Mr.Steve understand it and agree to use battery in this off grid solar powered air conditioner system.

solar powered air conditioner

    After he installed the solar powered air conditioner system,he is so happy to send the installation pictures to us.Would you like to use solar powered air conditioner?Contact Mars Solar for more information!

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