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How to protect photovoltaic solar energy system from lightening?


Published by Mars February 17,2020


Capacity: 15KW photovoltaic solar energy system

System details:48pcs 350W solar panel,PV array combiner,80A192V solar charge controller,15KW IGBT solar inverter,32pcs 12V200AH gel battery,solar panel bracekt,cable and connector,lightening protective system.


   In photovoltaic solar energy system installation,solar panel need to install outdoor,battery/pv array combiner/inverter/controller will install indoor. Some place solar panel installation is on the roof,some place solar panel installation is on the flat ground. If in your area,the lightening is very often and strong,you need to do some anti-lightening protection for photovoltaic solar energy system.

                                                                   solar pv system

    In 2008, Philippine customer Michael send us a request for photovoltaic solar energy system . He have a villa in a Philippine island. In this island,the lightening happen very often. His existing photovoltaic solar energy system, which was hit and broken by lightening four times in last year.

     According to Michael’s requirement,we discuss with our engineer team,and design a 15KW sun energy system to him,and it will have a sun energy lightening protection system with this 15KW sun energy system.Besides,it will install PV array combiner to do double protection. Michael have deep impression for Mars’s professional,so he decide to buy this 15KW sun energy system with lightening protect from Mars ,and we will provide solar panel installation service to him.

                                                                       solar pv system

     On April 23, our engineer arrived this solar panel installation place. With customers’ assist,the 15KW solar power panels system and the lightening protection have finished installing in 26th. This solar power panels lightening protective system not only provide protection to new 15KW solar power panels system,but also provide protection to customer’s existing solar power panels system.Michael is quite satisfied at us, both our solar pv system products and our services. Finally,he sign the letter of compliance to us.

                          solar pv system

    Would you want to know more about this solar pv system?Pls contact Mars Solar and get more information!

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