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100KW Commercial Solar Power Will Be Soon In Nigeria Hotel


Published by Mars March 05,2024

           David, a Nigerian resident living in Guangzhou, China, has become a true "China expert" after spending 20 years in the country. His family in Nigeria operates 15 hotels, and David is responsible for procuring supplies for all their needs. In recent times, the soaring diesel prices in Nigeria, David's urgency to install commercial solar power in each hotel for stable and cost-effective electricity supply has intensified.


Solar system manufacturer

             After thorough research and understanding the market, David reached out to Mars Solar and connected with Karen, one of our sales engineers. Karen invited David to our factory to discuss the commercial solar power project for the hotels in person, along with our project engineer, Gavin.       


              As a project engineer with 10 years of experience, Gavin has just completed work on a 400KW solar electric generator in the Philippines.During the meeting, Gavin gained insights into the load and electricity usage in David's hotels, enabling him to design suitable commercial solar power for each establishment.


                  In collaboration with David, Gavin meticulously crafted a series of engineering drawings for the installation of the commercial solar power systems. Considering the specific requirements and load profiles of each hotel, the designs aimed to maximize efficiency and ensure a stable and sustainable power supply.


             David was very satisfied with Gavin's 100KW solar electric generator design and decided to use one of the hotels as a pilot project. If successful, it will be rolled out to all 15 hotels.


Solar system manufacturer


             As your professional solar system manufacturer and engineer, Mas Solar can provide design/production/installation/debugging/training and maintenance services for your solar power generation system. If you have a solar energy generation project you need to know about, please feel free to contact us.


solar system manufacturer

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