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Van Conversion Solar Kit


Published by Mars June 18,2020

        Solar energy is inexhaustible. Using various solar energy systems to convert sunlight into usable electrical energy can enable us to obtain more energy supplement.

           Now van conversion solar kit is popular. This van conversion solar kit adopts an integrated system host design, which integrates solar batteries, solar chargers and solar inverters into a host box, with charging inlets and current output ports at both ends of the host box, plug and play Use style. The wiring between the various components is preset and fixed. The user does not need to assemble it again after purchase. There are no technical requirements, and it is simple and convenient to use. In addition, it is portable and easy to carry, and users can refer to any place they want to use. When charging is needed, connect the solar panel and the main unit of the van conversion solar kit together and put it in the sun to charge.



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       Peter from Singapore and David from the United States each installed a van conversion solar kit. Peter installed a 200W portable solar power kits camping to power the fans in the kitchen. David installed a 1500W portable solar power kits camping on a recreational vehicle. When he needed to go on vacation, he pulled the portable solar power kits camping out to allow him to live in the wild.



       solar system manufacturersolar system manufacturer


           Now the portable solar power kits camping can choose to use gel batteries or lithium batteries.Use lithium battery,the solar system will more light and smaller size.

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