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3KW Boat Lift Solar Charging Kit In Russia


Published by Mars June 18,2020

             According to the data quoted by the research on the 400 largest investment projects in the Russian power industry in 2019-2022 prepared by INFOLine experts, it is expected that by 2025, Russia will build a renewable energy facility with a total installed capacity of more than 5 GW. In August 2019, the Government of the Russian Federation discussed the possibility of extending the renewable energy support plan to 2035 and allocating 600 billion rubles for this purpose. If the support plan is extended, an additional 24 GW of power generation capacity based on renewable energy can be built. At present, Russia is vigorously developing solar electric kits projects.


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       Sergi from Russia plans to install boat lift solar charging kit on 500 boats. On these 500 boats, 3KW and 5KW off-grid boat lift solar charging kit are installed according to the size of the boat. In this way, when the ship is sailing, it can also be used for a continuous supply of energy. Installing a boat lift solar charging kit is very different from installing a solar electric kits on land. The first is the volume problem. The space on the ship is small, so the size of the inverter, battery and other equipment needs to be calculated, and the area where solar panels can be installed is relatively small. The second is that the solar panel is installed on the ship, which requires relatively strong corrosion resistance.


solar system manufacturer


       For the 3KW boat lift solar charging kit, there are fewer batteries, so gel batteries are used, and the 5KW boat lift solar charging kit has more batteries, so lithium batteries are used. For the anti-corrosion ability, the solar panel frame and solar support of Mas Solar have been enhanced with anti-corrosion coating, thus greatly enhancing the anti-corrosion ability of the solar panel and solar panel support.

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