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How Mr.Eduardo upgrade his solar power panels system?


Published by Mars May 14,2019

    More and more people install solar power panels system in their house.In the beginning,they maybe not have a lot money to buy a big solar power panels system,so they buy a small solar power panels system,at the same time,they will have plan,if the power consumption decreased,then they want to upgrade their solar power panels system.How to do upgrade the existing solar power panels system?Eduardo from Chile will tell you.

                                   solar system for house

     2 years ago,Mr.Eduardo have bought 1set 2KW solar pv system from Mars Solar.In that time,he only use solar pv system system supply power to his light/TV/fridge etc.This solar pv system help him save a lot of electricity bill.When he have enough money to buy higher capacity solar pv system,he contact Mr.Gavin from Mars Solar. Mr.Eduardo want to install another off grid solar power systems, which can supply power to air conditioner,water pump etc.Our engineer design a 4KW off grid solar power systems which based on his home appliance capacity and power consumption.Then Mr.Eduardo have upgraded his off grid solar power systems capacity from 2KW to 6KW.

                                          solar system for house

   Some people install a new off grid solar power systems,then can upgrade their existing home solar kits. If they don’t want to install a new home solar kits,how can we do? It have another choice. In the beginning,if you plan to upgrade the home solar kits,it will be better to use higher capacity controller and inverter. For example,i want to install 2KW home solar kits in this time,but future i will want to upgrade the solar panel kits for home from 2KW to 6KW. When you buy 2KW solar panel kits for home,use will 2KW solar panel and 6KW inverter and controller. Then in the future,you just need to add 4KW solar panel and some battery to upgrade thesolar panel kits for home.

                               solar system for house

    Would you want to upgrade your solar system for house?Pls contact Mars and get 16hrs*7days professional guide service!

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