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20KW Solar Power Generation System In Netherlands


Published by Mars April 10,2023

              Pieter is a software engineer. He has his own company in the Netherlands. He has a keen market insight. He believes that the solar power generation system industry will be the development trend in the next 10 years, so he wants to enter the solar power generation system industry and become a distributor of mars solar.


solar system manufacturer


             Like most customers, he wanted to try Mars solar power generation system products first before becoming a reseller. We absolutely approve of this approach, and we also hope that all Mars Solar dealers have used our solar power generation system products and 100% recognize the solar power generation system product quality and service of Mars Solar, which will help his next sales.


                       Pieter bought a 20kw three-phase off grid solar system kits, and introduced a neighbor to buy a 15kw three-phase off grid solar system kits. Immediately after the off grid solar system kits installation, Pieter established Mars Solar branch company in the Netherlands and started marketing the off grid solar system kits. At present, we have received many inquiries from Pieter, when the order quantity can load one container, we will start the second cooperation.


                        If you also want to be our agent after testing off grid solar system kits samples, please feel free to send inquiry to us.

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