Off Grid Solar Power System

Off Grid Solar Power System

Chinese Solar Manufacturers 10 Years Warranty 20KW Solar Power Panels System
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Chinese Solar Manufacturers 10 Years Warranty 20KW Solar Power Panels System

20KW solar power panels system help you save 90% electricity bill.

Product Specification:
  • Output voltage: 110V/220V/230V/240V
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Chinese Solar Manufacturers 10 Years Warranty 20KW Solar Power Panels System

What Mars Can Do For You? Solar Photovoltaic Manufacturers Chinese Solar Photovoltaic Manufacturers

20KW Solar Power Panels

Solar panel rated power:19880W Suitable for daily power consumption: >120KWH

Allowable max loads power:20KW/28KVA

Solar Power Panels

Half Cell Solar Panel

★1. Using N-type 18BB solar cell, the power generation efficiency is 25.5%

★2. Using fully automatic slicing process,100%guarantees that there are no gaps in solarcell.

★3.Quality control:Cell efficiency /cell power sorting

★4.4times EL test
★5.The automatic confluence welding processof cells is adopted to ensure no false welding
★6.Fully automatic glue filling process toensure the service life of solar panels up to 30 years

★7.Packed in wooden boxes to ensure the safe delivery of the goods

192V Multiple PV strings inputs. Simplify wiring between PV array and controller. Protect controller from thunderstorm& surge protection, protect the solar electricity from flowing one panel to another panel. max open circuit voltage is 500V

Solar Power Panels

Chinese Solar Photovoltaic Manufacturers

Inverter:20KW192VDC 110V/120V/220V/230V/240VACoutput

High efficiency transformer,conversion efficiency up to 90%,LCD display. City power charger and generator charger.

100A192V MPPT controller ,90%-95% charge efficiency.Overload, overcharge, over-discharge protection Japan brand Fiji IGBT material.

16pcs 12V/200AH / 38.4KWH lithium battery 

lithium battery and gel battery?

★A:Lithium battery have longer use life,20years max.

★Powerwall lithium battery saves installation of controls.

★Gel battery have shorter use life (5-6years),the price will be lower.

★If your budget allow,you can chose lithium battery.If your budget are not allow,you can use gel battery now,in the future,you collect more money then can use lithium battery.


Chinese Solar Photovoltaic ManufacturersChinese Solar Photovoltaic Manufacturers

Chinese Solar Photovoltaic Manufacturers

Slope Rooftop or Flat ground

design base on your installation place

Including complete fittings

wind load:55m/s,snow load:1.5kn/m2

Aluminum alloy, anti-oxidation treatment

1)1set battery cable and terminal;

2)4mm2 PV cable 150M;

3)1set PV terminals and MC4;

4)2P 63A Battery switch.

Chinese Solar Photovoltaic Manufacturers

20KW Solar Power Panels Product Load reference

Load name Load’s watt Qty Total watt
Lights 11W 30 330W
Fan 80W 4 320W
Computer 150W 2 300W
Printer 250W 2 500W
Fax machine 150W 1 150W
Washing machine 300W 2 600W
Microwave 1500W 1 1500W
Electric Stove 1000W 2 2000W
Electric cooker 300W 1 300W
Satellite TV receiver/VCD 50W 2 100W
Color TV(32inch) 150W 2 300W
Water pump 200W 1 200W
Refrigerator 180W 2 360W
Air conditioner(2HP) 1500W 4 6000W
Air conditioner(3HP) 2250W 1 2250W
Total 15210W

Remark:water pump is inductive load ,start working power is 3-6 times more than normal power ,in the process of use ,turn on the inductive load first. Chinese Solar Photovoltaic Manufacturers

Solar Power PanelsSolar Power Panels

 Chinese Solar Energy Facts ManufacturersChinese Solar Energy Facts Manufacturers           

 Foshan Mars Solar Technology Co.,Ltd have more than 10 years chinese solar manufacturers experience for solar power panels products,solar street light products,inverter products,solar appliance products.More than 3000 successfully case have installed in 130+ countries.Germany technology,China price,Global service. Sincerely welcome everyone join us and develop solar business.

 Chinese Solar Energy Facts Manufacturers Chinese Solar Energy Facts Manufacturers Chinese Solar Energy Facts ManufacturersChinese Solar Energy Facts Manufacturers Chinese Solar Energy Facts Manufacturers Chinese Solar Energy Facts ManufacturersChinese Solar Energy Facts Manufacturers

Q:Which solar power panels product is suitable for me?
A:Mars solar power panels products can be used in homes, offices, villas, hospitals, churches, etc.Mars manufacture solar power panels products from 300W to 250KW, you can choose according to your own needs.if you do not know which model system is suitable for you, you can consult us.Our 10years experience sale manager will help you configure the system in 12hrs.
Q:Why choose to use the MARS solar power panels?
A:Solar energy is now the most environmentally friendly energy source in the world. Using the MARS solar power panels product can reduce your electricity bill by 90%.We have 10+years experience in solar products,we have exported to more than 130 countries and regions.We have professional installation team. if necessary,we can send engineer to your country, guide the installation.We have our own factory, use USA and Japan brand power materials,perfectly for quality control.We have developed some agent, convenience to provide after sale service to customer.
Q:How long is the lead time of orders?
A:Goods can be ready for shipment within 7-15 working days upon payment.If we have stock material.It only take 1-2 days to send goods.
Q:What is the warranty of products?
A:Suggest buy complete solar power panels products from our factory, solar panel have 10 years warranty ,other parts all have 2 years warranty;During the warranty, will ship the free parts for service ,we promise our quality.
Q:Can I install it myself?
A:We provide installation drawing and user manual for you,guide the installation.If necessary,we can send our engineer come to country,and guide the installation.
Q:How to calculate the freight?
A:We will calculate according to the specific location and transportation method, you can discuss it in detail with us.
Q:Can we get support if we have our own market position?
A:Please inform us your details market demand we will discuss and propose helpful suggestion for you to find the best solution for you.










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