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10KW Off Grid Solar System Kits In Trinidad and Tobago


Published by Mars April 10,2023

       David has a small farm located in a remote area of Trinidad and Tobago, where there is no mains electricity and only a diesel generator supplies electricity. But diesel generators need to consume diesel continuously and make a lot of noise.



       He found Mars Solar and hoped that we could recommend a suitable off grid solar system kits to him. The off grid solar system kits generates electricity by converting the energy of the sun. It is a one-time investment and can be used for free for the next 25 years without consuming anything.



off the grid solar power kits



       We recommended Split phase's 5kw home solar lithium battery backup to David, he can use 110V and 220V loads at the same time. David mentioned that he wants to add a water pump in the future, according to our calculation, if a water pump is added, a 5kw inverter is not enough. So we recommended a 10kw inverter to him, and the remaining configuration is 5kw, so that it is within his budget and can supply power for future water pumps.



          After installing the home solar battery backup system, David is very satisfied with the home solar battery backup products and services of Mars Solar, and now he is introducing other customers to buy off the grid solar power kits from Mars Solar.

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