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Why Mr.Slavey chose Mars solar inverter for home?


Published by Mars February 17,2020

      There are a lot of solar power inverter used in the worldwide.Some solar inverters for home,some of them use for industrial.The industrial users have a lot of technican,so they have a lot of knowledge about How to chose inverter,how to do for the inverter installation.The home user will have less knowledge for solar inverter for home,but Mars are experts for solar power products, almost al sale have 5+years experience for solar power products, we will help you for how to chose solar inverter for home,how to do for the solar inverter for home installation,so easy!

dc to ac inverter

    Mr.Slavey is come from Knezha Bulgaria.He buy solar inverter for home from Mars in 2018.When we ask him,why will you chose Mars off grid solar inverter.


 He says, my goal was a hybrid inverter with a transformer connection. The off grid solar inverter have transformer build in have stronger ability and stability. Even the transformer off grid solar inverter cost will be higher than cost of transformerless inverter,but it worth. Happened to fall by your suggestions in Internet. One of the photographs saw an open box and the toroid stood out. I said, "THIS IS MY MACHINE." Then I saw in the technical specifications where you describe the transformer itself and its origin. Also your quick reaction with your professional answer and the subsequent correspondence. This off grid solar inverter does it for my own needs, and I hope I made the right choice. If everything is OK, you will have my recommendations for this product. I have friends with plans to build their solar systems.

dc to ac inverter

     Do you have questions for off grid solar inverter?Mars Solar sale team will provide 7*16hrs service to you.

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