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20KW Solar Backup System In Thailand


Published by Mars October 20,2020

              The Ministry of Energy of Thailand is considering adjusting the supporting policies for civilian photovoltaic power generation systems to promote the development of the national clean energy strategy and increase the proportion of household solar backup system. There are still many places in remote rural areas in Thailand that are not connected to electricity, and solar backup systems are very suitable for promotion in these places. In the past year, the capacity of the grid-connected complete solar system for home was only 3-4 megawatts (MW), which is far from the 100 MW target.




                     This is a 20KW off-grid solar backup system installed in remote rural areas of Thailand. This solar backup system is produced by Mas Solar. The solar panels use A-level 21% efficiency solar silicon wafers, which are produced by fully automatic production equipment to avoid damage to the silicon wafers during the production process. All EL tests ensure that every silicon wafer is completed without damage.The controller and inverter adopt IGBT module material, which is efficient and durable. Mars Solar introduced German production technology to produce gel batteries with a service life of 6-8 years for this solar backup system.


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