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10KW residential solar systems in Mozambique


Published by Mars June 29,2019

     Mr.Samuel planed to build 6sets residential solar systems to feed 6 Milk collection centers in rural areas in Mozambique.Each residential solar systems  will be use for 500 liters of milk tank cooling system. The cooling system with 2 HP motor, 1.7 kW electric  pump and 4pcs 20w lamps each.

     Acccording to his appliance,it will use 10KW three phase residential solar systems. We explained to him,what device have included in residential solar systems;what is the function for each device in residential solar systems;how to install this solar power panels.After clearly all things,he come to visit China in 1th,January,2019.It is New Year Holiday. Because his schedule is very tight,so he only have time in this day and visit our factory.During the visiting,he ask a lot of questions.There is a important questions,which is the same as some another customer’s questions.

photovoltaic solar panels

      The question is,Why Mars solar power panels system is better than another supplier?Quality is our culture.Firstly,Our solar power panels inverter use Japan brand IGBT module,it have stronger ability when you connect with some industrial machine or euqipment.

    There is a solar power panels inverter compare document:photovoltaic solar panels

     Secondly,our solar power panels use orginal solar cell.some supplier provide broken solar cell and make the solar power panels to you.

We promise to provide 10years warranty for the solar energy panels,during the warranty,if it have problem for solar energy panels,we send the free solar energy panels to customers.

After check all things by Mr.Samuel’s eyes,he sign the 6sets 10KW solar energy panels system contract.After he install these photovoltaic solar panels he take pictures for the installation and photovoltaic solar panels system is working very good in their milk collection centers.


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