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How much money i can earn from photovoltaic system?


Published by Mars June 29,2019

     Mr.HaNoi is from Vietman. After he install Mars 3KW on grid photovoltaic system in his home successfully.He want to begin the photovoltaic system business.But he have some questions,he is not clearly.I think that is the same questions,many customers would like to know.

solar energy for home

   His questions is he is wondering if they invest a lot of money in photovoltaic system but what exactly he can get from this photovoltaic system investment.The solar panels for house is like one time investment,after some years use,you can get additional money from sunshine.

  Mr.HaNoi tell me that the electricity cost in Vietnam is 2000 Vietnam dong per KWH,it is equal to 0.08584USD,According to Mars Solar’s database,the average sunshine time in Vietman is 5hrs,then it mean that it have 1826hrs sunshine per year. Vietnam goverment allow the resident install on grid solar panels for house,but they don’t have policy which will purchase electricity which generate by solar panels for house.So resident can install the on grid solar panels for house,supply solar power electricity to their home in the day time.And when it don’t have sunshine,will use city power.It mean that solar power electricity will cover their electricity bill.This is the calculation based on HaNoi solar power electricity system:

solar energy for home

     During these 25years use year,he need invest 2261USD for solar power electricity system,but finally,he can get total 10057USD from solar energy for home. The return on investment rate is 448%. This solar energy for home electricity bill saving is stable income,if your local government have subsidy policy,your solar energy for home income will be more than 10057USD.

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