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8KW On Grid Solar Power Plant In Spain


Published by Mars June 05,2020

       In recent years, all levels of government in Spain have vigorously supported the new energy industry, and the on grid solar power plant market environment has been continuously optimized. From the original subsidy system to the open bidding system for electric power, energy reform has been gradually deepened. Spain is returning to the competition of photovoltaic superpowers.


solar panel and inverter kit


        Peter lives in Madrid, Spain, and usually uses heat pumps to maintain a comfortable temperature at home, but consumes a lot of electricity, so he has the idea of ​​installing a solar system at home. After investigating from the company's strength, product design, product quality and service, Peter decided to purchase an 8KW on grid solar power plant from Mas Solar. The electricity generated by the on grid solar power plant is mainly used for the heat pump in his home. After a period of transportation, Peter received the 8KW on grid solar power plant. Peter immediately installed this 8KW on grid solar power plant.


solar panel and inverter kit

         Then the new crown epidemic broke out. Spain is one of the most serious countries in Europe with the new crown epidemic. On March 14, it declared a state of emergency, prohibiting people from going out and closing most shops. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that the country will return to normal in four stages before the end of June. May 4 is the beginning of the "zero stage", the people can go out to move. After unsealing, Peter sent Mars Solar the installation status of the 8KW solar power system kit for home he installed. He said that the isolation at home for a long time, I realized the importance of home comfort more and more, the heat pump in my house is always on. With the supplement of electricity generated by solar power system kit for home, I do not need to pay a lot of electricity. So thanks to this solar power system kit for home.


         Investing in solar power system kit for home, you can get free energy whenever you want. Do you need to install solar panel and inverter kit? Please contact us for more information.

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