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60KW Grid Tied Solar System Kit In Lebanon


Published by Mars November 09,2021

            Annie is a purchasing manager for a Lebanese furniture company. Their company received a request from a client to purchase two sets of grid tied solar system kit.As we all know, the grid tied solar system kit needs to work in a stable environment of mains electricity in order to exert its maximum effect. The customer’s factory has a heavy load and consumes a lot of power. We communicated with her about the grid tied solar system kit selection. The customer wanted to save the cost of the battery.So the customer chose the grid tied solar system kit. After fast production and shipping,Annie receive the container in short time,they follow Mars engineer’s guide,install the grid tied solar system kit smoothly.


easy solar panel kit


              Later, Annie’s engineer Peter found me and wanted to modify the parameters of the inverter. Mars’s engineer provide in time and professional guide to him,help Peter slove the problem.Peter tell to us that,Mars solar are very professional solar system manufacturer and installer,you can solve the problem of how to maximize the use of the factory roof solar panels during a power outage. Peter’s team are currently responsible for the installation of 15 factory roof solar panels. We are further communicating the next order for factory roof solar panels.


                 Lebanon is now extremely short of electricity, so most of its customers use off-grid easy solar panel kit, and a few use grid-connected easy solar panel kit. If you want to know how to maximize the use of easy solar panel kit in areas lacking electricity, please feel free to contact us!


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