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10KW Solar Panel Roof Kit In Liberia


Published by Mars December 17,2021

            More and more people want to use solar panel roof kit with lithium battery,because lithium battery have longer use life,higher performance,at the same time,the lithium battery cost will be higher than gel battery.There are more difference between gel battery and lithium battery:


            Dwak have interesting to know solar panel roof kit with lithium battery or solar panel roof kit with gel battery,his house is connected to the power grid,so the solar panel roof kit kicks in when the grid power is Dwak’s friend in Liberia told him about Mars solar company.Dwak’s friend have installed a Mars solar panel roof kit:


     solar system manufacturer



             After checking with Dwak’s home appliance capacity,he have 4pcs 1.5HP air conditionernot all of the air conditioner will work at the same time,have 2 fridge and another normally home appliance.our 10years experience engineer do a lot calculation,he suggest Dwak can use 10KW solar panel roof kit.Dwak agree to use 10KW diy solar kits off grid,but he want to use long last battery,so Mars solar design suitable lithium battery bank with this 10KW diy solar kits off grid.Lithium battery is a new product use with diy solar kits off grid,so the battery quality are very important.There are some difference between Mars lithium battery and another supplier’s lithium battery:


           When Dwak’s install engineer contact us for the installation guide,Mars engineer provide professional diy solar kits off grid guidance to him.Dwak’s engineer say, Mars diy solar kits off grid is working perfectly.In case your customer need installation service in Liberia,he can provide installation service for the customers.


      If you want to use diy solar kits off grid or ask for the help for the diy solar kits off grid installation,pls contact Mars right now!



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