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Solenergy Completes 1.64MW Rooftop Wholesale Solar Kits In The Philippines


Published by Mars November 16,2019

       Solenergy Systems claims that the installation at Mactan Cebu International Airport is the first wholesale solar kits installed at an airport in Southeast Asia. About 6,300 solar panels and 65pcs24 kW three-phase inverters are installed on the roof of Terminal 1 of Mactan Cebu International Airport in Manila. The wholesale solar kits is expected to generate approximately 2.17 GWh of electricity per year.


solar panel roof mounting kit


      “Wholesale solar kits will offset a considerable amount of daytime load peaks at the Mactan Cebu International Airport in the Philippines,” it said in an e-mailed statement. “In recent years, airports around the world have been embracing wholesale solar kits. These facilities have plenty of space available, and they are ideal for large plug and play solar kits installations in many ways, whether it's for roofs, parking lots and the surrounding runways.”


     It uses Clenergy's EZ plug and play solar kits rack solution for the tin surface of the terminal roof and Clenergy's Solar Matrix racking system in the concrete section. This plug and play solar kits generation system allows the airport to operate the plug and play solar kits in parallel with the generator set in the event of a power outage.


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     Last week, MRC Allied took a stake in Castilla's 50 MW solar panel roof mounting kit on Leyte Island in the Visayas region. The real estate developer paid P225 million (about 4.4 million US dollars) and purchased 15% of the project from local power producer Sepalco.

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