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Jingao won the bid for South Africa 86MW solar ground mount kit project


Published by Mars November 23,2019

      JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: JASO, hereinafter referred to as “Jingao”), one of the world's largest manufacturers of high-performance solar ground mount kit products, today announced that it will supply all components for its 86MW large-scalesolar ground mount kit  ORANGE project in South Africa. 


solar panel roof mounting kit


      The project is the 4.5th round of solar ground mount kit project project tendered by the South African government's Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Programme (REIPPP). REIPPP originally planned to bid for 5 rounds, but the local new energy project development demand is strong, so the government added the 4.5th and 4.75 rounds of bidding. This time, Jingao and South Africa's partner SolarCapital and the local black component shareholders (BEE partner) jointly won the bid, the solar ground mount kit project will all adopt the Jingao high-efficiency polycrystalline component P310W, and the construction will be completed in 1year.


solar panel roof mounting kit

     Solar Capital Pty(Ltd) is the most successful developer of the South African PV power plant project in Cape Town, South Africa. The 90MW solar ground mount kit that was successfully linked to the first round of the South African government's REIPPP tender has been put into commercial use. One year of operation, the 86MW solar panel mounting kit project won the bid for the second round of solar panel mounting kit projects was successfully connected to the grid.Mr. Paschal Phelan, Group Chairman of SolarCapital, said that the company will continue to cooperate with JAC in the 4.75 round of bidding and the 5th round of solar panel mounting kit projects to be tendered.


     “Jingao is very honored to win the bid for the 86MW large-scale solar panel mounting kit project in South Africa and provide all its components,” said Xie Jian, CEO of JA Solar.   “This not only reflects the high international recognition of JAA products, but also the globalization of JA Solar. Strategy and one of the major achievements in increasing the layout of emerging markets. We believe that with the continuous advancement of the national 'emerging market strategy', JA will seize more opportunities to minimize solar panel mounting kit with high-performance photovoltaic modules. Cost, to make a positive contribution to solving the growing energy problems in South Africa."

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