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Philippines Solar Energy Kits For Sale Demand Analysis


Published by Mars February 17,2020

    In the past, the Philippine solar energy kits for sale policy was driven by Feed-in Tariff (FiT). The FiT rate was Php 8.69 / kWh (about US$ 16.4cents / kWh), and the final FiT ended in 2016. However, unlike other renewable energy projects, solar energy kits for sale policy has now turned to PPA, which is based on electricity price bidding. The current lowest bid price can reach Php 2.34 / kWh (about US$ 4.4cents / kWh). On the other hand, the roof meter solar energy kits for sale project continues to stimulate demand with the Net Metering Scheme.


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     The Philippine Energy Commission has been reorganized, and the new chairman, Agnes Devanadera, said that there are currently about 600 energy projects (including solar energy kits for sale and other renewable energy projects) that have not yet been approved, of which the installed capacity of solar energy kits for sale is up to 6.4 GW.


      The Philippines aims to achieve 1,528 MW of wholesale solar kits installed capacity by 2030. As of the end of 2017, the cumulative installed capacity of wholesale solar kits is about 885 MW, of which 600 MW is added in 2016. The main reason is that 2016 is the installed capacity of FiT. At present, the Philippine power grid covers the three major islands of LUZON, VISAYAS and MINDANAO. Most of the wholesale solar kits installed projects are concentrated in LUZON and VISAYAS, which together account for about 93% of the total installed capacity.


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     In the fast-growing economy of the Philippines, the current power shortage problem must be solved. In the future, the demand for electricity needs to be increased in response to the speed of economic growth. In terms of wholesale solar kits development, according to the policy target of 1,528 MW solar panel frame kit in 2030, the market space that can be developed every year is not large, but the newly appointed energy director can successfully in the future, the solar panel frame kit projects accumulated in the past will be examined and approved, and the market development space is expected to increase, and the solar panel frame kit installation target will be realized earlier.

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