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Nigeria solar power kit for house market survey


Published by Mars December 14,2019

      Nigeria, also one of Africa's largest solar power kit for house markets, has a slightly smaller market structure and relatively little regulation. The use and installation of solar power kit for house equipment in Nigeria has not reached the level of Kenya, and the qualification certification and training framework of the value chain is still being fine-tuned. Nigeria and several development agencies, especially Gesellschaftfür Internationale Zusammenarbeit, are developing most of the solar power kit for house market support framework, certification and skills acquisition methods that will help improve the solar power kit for house import market. 


solar power kit


           Unfavorable market conditions will lead to the emergence of substandard solar panel system kit products (inverters, batteries, solar photovoltaic, etc.). Differences in regulations and policies have limited the development of private companies in solar panel system kit and the wider market. In response, the private and public sectors established the Nigerian Renewable Energy Association (REAN) to promote and multilaterally cooperate in the field of solar panel system kit energy in Nigeria. Solar panel system kit products imported into Nigeria are not eligible for zero import duties. Although this policy may not have obvious restrictions on imports, it raises market prices and hinders consumers, especially low-income people, from using solar panel system kit.


      The Nigerian Standards Organization (SON) is responsible for the import of off grid solar power systems products. Some off grid solar power systems practitioners believe that standards bodies do not have enough capacity to regulate the import standards of the emerging off grid solar power systems equipment market. In terms of manufacturing standards, foreign off grid solar power systems manufacturers can perform certification with agents of the Nigerian Standards Organization before importing.


solar power kit


     As regulators and private companies work together to optimize off grid solar power systems capacity and provide more power to countries such as Nigeria and Kenya, this is expected to further optimize the market, especially for improved and low-risk product import markets. And the manufacturing area is the best choice.


      The China-Africa Trade Research Center analyzes that due to insufficient power supply and inadequate policies, the development of African manufacturing has been difficult. Countries such as Nigeria and Kenya have optimized the market in terms of solar power kit generation by optimizing import and export processes and reducing tariffs. The standardization of the market has also provided a favorable environment for imported products.

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