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Kenya off grid home solar system market survey


Published by Mars February 17,2020

         Recently,the Kenyan government eliminated VAT on all off grid home solar system imports, which will undoubtedly stimulate the import market. This is also one of the main thrusts that Kenya can lead in the use of off grid home solar system. Kenya's off grid home solar system products imports are also tax-free. Although this approach is inconsistent with economic policies (which will affect the country's off grid home solar system product manufacturing), Kenya's zero import tariffs and zero value-added tax policies for off grid home solar system products can make off grid home solar system equipment affordable for many people. Decision makers believe that the increased use of off grid home solar system energy has alleviated the power capacity gap, which has enabled manufacturing to obtain more power supply.


solar power system manufacturers


       More electricity means that the cost of autonomous power generation will be reduced, which in turn will reduce the overall cost of manufacturing products (off grid solar system batteries and non-solar products), thereby promoting the green economic growth cycle. In early 2011, Kenya reduced import tariffs on raw materials used to produce off grid solar system batteries equipment. This initiative aims to increase the competitiveness of domestic products. Tariff reduction is a shift from the current 25% tariff on such products.


solar power system manufacturers


       In order to implement appropriate off grid solar system batteries value chain standards, the Kenyan Energy Regulatory Commission specifies the qualifications and standards of manufacturers, distributors and contractors, which will help reduce the negative impact of substandard products and services and provide the development of quality imported products A favorable environment.

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