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Nigeria will vigorously develop full solar kit


Published by Mars February 17,2020

       According to the "Today" news, at the launching ceremony of the community full solar kit project undertaken by the Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC), Nissi Vice President Osimbacho said that renewable energy such as full solar kit has good economics.


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          This has Help Nigeria to get rid of its over-reliance on the national power grid in the future and alleviate the contradiction between power supply and demand. The vast area of Nigeria has good lighting conditions, there is no reason not to develop full solar kit projects, and to provide a cheap and reliable power supply for the majority of residents, especially rural people without power supply.


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       Chiedu Ugbo, CEO of NDPHC, said that at present, about 70 million people in Nigeria have no access to the power grid and can only bring their own lighting tools, which has a heavy economic burden. The first phase of the solar light kit for home project will install 20,000 sets of domestic solar light kit for home equipment for 19 northern states, and more families will be covered in the future.

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