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Application of anti-backflow device in solar power inverter kit


Published by Mars September 21,2019

      In the solar power inverter kit system, according to whether the grid-connected solar power inverter kit system is allowed to feed the main grid through the distribution transformer, it is generally divided into a reversible-flow grid-connected solar power inverter kit system and a non-reverse-flow grid-connected solar power inverter kit system.


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      In the power system, the distribution transformer is generally sent to each load in the power grid, which is called forward current. After installing the grid tie solar kit, when the power of the grid tie solar kit is greater than the power of the local load, the power that is not consumed can be sent to the power grid. Because the current direction is different from the conventional one, it is called countercurrent. The non-returnable grid tie solar kit means that the power generation of the grid tie solar kit is always less than or equal to the power consumption of the load. When the grid tie solar kit is insufficient, the power is supplied by the power grid, that is, the grid tie solar kit and the power grid are connected together to supply power to the load.




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    When the kit solar on grid inverter converts the DC power generated by the PV module into AC power, it will be mixed with DC components and harmonics. At the same time, there is an unschedulable situation in which the remaining kit solar on grid power is transmitted to the large grid through the distribution transformer. Therefore, at present, some power departments only allow kit solar on grid to be integrated into the mains grid, but not allow surplus power to be fed to the large grid through distribution transformers. The anti-backflow device is created to solve such problems.


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