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Why is summer a good time to install a kit solar on grid?


Published by Mars February 17,2020

     Based on market and seasonal demand, more and more families are equipped with kit solar on grid in the summer, which can save electricity, make money and cool through the kit solar on grid. Professional solar power plant suppliers also define summer as the most suitable season for kit solar on grid installation.


solar power plant suppliers


    So why is summer the best season for kit solar on grid? There are four reasons for this:


    Reason one: The summer light conditions are good, providing unique conditions for the kit solar on grid.We know that the main factor affecting the power generation of complete solar panel kits is light. The summer is long and the night is short. The sun rises early and falls late. The complete solar panel kits works longer than usual, and the natural power generation will also increase.But here, we have to remind users that summer is also a test for complete solar panel kits. The efficiency of complete solar panel kits will also decrease. The users think of watering and cooling the solar panels. The result is that the users did not think of cooling because of the solar energy. There is a temperature difference between the plate glass, which causes the solar panel to crack and crack, which is not worth the candle. Even if you want to clean the solar panels, you should choose the night or the morning light conditions are weak.


       Reason two: Save electricity bills.One of the great advantages of solar energy system for home power generation is that it can help users save electricity. The daily electricity consumption in summer is much higher than other seasons. With solar energy system for home, users no longer worry about high electricity costs, air conditioners and electric fans.



solar power plant suppliers



          Reason three: Heat insulation and cooling.We all know that solar energy system for home can generate electricity and save electricity bills, but many people do not know that it has a cooling effect. The solar energy system for home is mounted on the roof. Because the solar panel absorbs a part of the heat, the overall temperature in the room can be reduced by 2 to 4 degrees.



       Reason four: Energy saving and environmental protection.The emergence of solar panels for your house systems shares part of the summer electricity load, which plays a role in energy conservation to a certain extent. In addition, the solar panels for your house system can be sold to the country with endless electricity, and subsidies and power generation benefits can be obtained.

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