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African Renewable Energy Fund for Zambia Solar Power House Kit Financing


Published by Mars November 09,2019

         Azuri is the leading commercial supplier of pay-as-you-go solar power house kit for off-grid households in Africa and has been working with Kazang in Zambia since 2016.The investment will help KazangSolar provide affordable AzuriQuad solar power house kit lighting products to more than 7,000 off-grid customers in rural Zambia.


solar power system factory


        It is understood that KazangSolar is one of the three companies that received financial support from AEFCREACT, funded by the UK Department for International Development.Last week, DFID African Minister Harriet Baldwin announced the winner of the fund at an event held in Lusaka.Kazang, general manager, said, “We are pleased to be one of only three companies and look forward to bringing Azuri's innovative solar power house kit technology to the off-grid community in Zambia.”


        KazangSolar is the sister company of Kazang, Zambia's largest electronic vending service provider. Kazang serves more than 100,000 customers every day and has a national footprint.The unique partnership between Kazang, KazangSolar and Azuri means that customers in traditionally underserved rural areas not only have access to reliable home solar energy kits lighting, but also a range of digital financial services.


solar power system factory


        Azuri CEO said, “This is an exciting new development for Kazang and Azuri, as both companies are working hard to provide reliable home solar energy kits solutions for Zambian families. The fund supports innovation and transformation to Azuri A business model characterized by the Kazang approach. Azuri looks forward to working with Kazang and providing ongoing support as they provide life-changing home solar energy kits technologies to customers across the country."

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