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Zambia develops 150MW home solar energy kits project


Published by Mars November 09,2019

     According to African media reports, independent power producer (IPP) Upepo Energy Zambia has selected WSP USA to conduct a feasibility study for its development of a 150MW wind power home solar energy kits storage cogeneration project in northern Zambia.


solar power system factory

     WSP USA is a subsidiary of WSP Global, a consulting firm based in Montreal, Canada. The current phase of the home solar energy kits project is primarily funded by the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA).


     In the coming weeks, it is expected that the technical, financial and commercial feasibility of this wind and home solar energy kits storage cogeneration project will be determined.At present, there are still many home solar energy kits projects in Zambia under development.


solar power system factory

     Xago Africa and Blue Chip Resources, which specialize in renewable energy production, will build a 300MW miniature solar panel kits plant in central Zambia.KfW has launched a GET FiT program with the Zambian government to encourage independent power producers (IPPs) to invest in 200 MW miniature solar panel kits. At present, the program has been implemented, and several IPPs have been selected to build several miniature solar panel kits power plants with a total installed capacity of 120MW.

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