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Zambia Issues Bidding Application for 100MW Starter Solar System Project


Published by Mars November 09,2019

    Recently, the Zambian Secretariat initiated the first round of GETFiTZambia's Request for Proposal (RfP) phase on behalf of the Zambian Ministry of Energy. It is understood that the starter solar system project capacity is 100MW.


solar power system factory


    According to starter solar system reports, the list of companies that have been qualified in the first phase has been invited to submit their starter solar system proposals by November 29, 2018.


    It is understood that a total of 10 starter solar system project developers have been selected for the tender. These companies were selected after the qualification application phase that ended in June 2018. In the next two months, GETFiTZambia worked with the Zambian government and the Zambia National Power Company to complete the shop solar kits project agreement and evaluate the proposed site for the shop solar kits project.


solar power system factory


     The winning bidder will sign a 25-year power purchase agreement with the Zambia National Power Company to provide shop solar kits energy to the Zambian people. The entire tendering process is expected to be completed in 2020.

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