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What should you pay attention to when installing solar panels for house systems?


Published by Mars February 17,2020

     Solar panels for house systems are mostly based on building roofs. The most common sloping roofs, flat roofs and color steel tile roofs are the main carriers for the construction of solar panels for house systems. The installation structure and material selection are introduced from the perspective of design survey. Through standardized design, reasonable structure selection, and close access to achieve cost savings and increase revenue.

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     First of all, solar panels for house should be a very intuitive judgment on the roof, to identify the type of roof, whether it is a flat roof or a sloping roof, or a metal roof, and the structure of the roof, which is concrete, tile, terracotta or exposed. Secondly, it is necessary to determine how much available area of the roof, because the available area directly determines the installed capacity of the solar panels for house system. The orientation of the roof is also a key factor. The roof is best facing south. In the northern hemisphere, the power generation is highest when facing south, and the highest in the southern hemisphere when it is facing north. It is ideal for receiving solar radiation.

    Occlusion is critical to the impact of photovoltaic system, including occlusion of buildings, and the presence of tall trees around the building that affect daylighting. Judging the waterproof condition of the roof is to see if the roof has a very good waterproof layer. If the building does not have a good waterproof system, the roof function may not be satisfied within the life cycle.

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    It is necessary to first judge whether the type of metal roof can be installed. Anti-corrosion is to pay attention to the anti-corrosion effect of anti-corrosion paint on metal roof. The photovoltaic system should be built on the roof. If the roof's carrying capacity cannot meet the photovoltaic system construction, this project will not be established. The safety and building safety of the photovoltaic system itself includes fire protection, lightning protection and access to the tunnel, and all contact points must be effectively protected. The lightning protection should be integrated with the lightning protection of the building. The maintenance access is safe for maintenance and must be reserved.

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