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Tanzania and Mozambique solar panel roof mounting kit market report


Published by Mars December 14,2019

      Tobias cossen, the current project manager in charge of "renewable energy development project" in sub Saharan Africa of the German Association for International Cooperation (Giz), introduced the solar panel roof mounting kit market in Tanzania and Mozambique to us.


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     In Tanzania, solar panel roof mounting kit project development has been supported by the government, and the country is planning to increase the proportion of renewable energy in the total energy composition, from the current 4.9% to 14%. Tanzania's cumulative solar panel roof mounting kit installed capacity increased from 100kW to more than 5MW.The sales volume of solar panel roof mounting kit was about 2MW. Due to the planning of large-scale solar panel roof mounting kit projects and the increasing demand of household solar panel roof mounting kit system, the sales volume increased.


     At present, most installed solar power kits for home use are funded through rural electrification and donation. Unlike Kenya, Tanzania's market is likely to continue to rise as solar power kits for home use projects in most parts of the country will not be connected to the grid in the short term, which also provides opportunities for renewable based Mini grids.


off grid solar kits factory


     In addition, several megawatt projects are under discussion or in the stage of project planning, which may greatly change the situation of Tanzania's photovoltaic market. Cossen pointed out that many investors and photovoltaic entrepreneurs are planning to develop photovoltaic farms with fit subsidies and stable political climate in Tanzania.

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