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Nigeria will build a boat solar panel kit school


Published by Mars December 14,2019

      A slum in Lagos, Nigeria's largest port city, will be built into a special school - boat solar panel kit school by the end of this month. The school will be fully boat solar panel kit and will accommodate about 100 students.


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     This special boat solar panel kit project is built on the dirty water slum of makko community. It is a triangular building, divided into three floors. The "foundation" is built by plastic buckets. The whole frame is made of wood. The wood is taken from the local area. The power supply is supported by boat solar panel kit installed on the top of the building. After completion, there will be playground and green space, which can receive about 100 students.


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     NL é is an organization that provides architectural design solutions for urban development, as well as the designer and contractor of Lagos water school. Konler adeyemi, the agency's architect, said the soil in the Marco community was particularly loose, and floating water design avoided the problem. He also pointed out that the local water level often changed, so they also considered this situation in their design.


     In addition to the water school, where ademi's design has been promoted in the makko slum, there will be several water houses built in September to replace the shabby shacks. Lagos will eventually form a water community of water schools and water houses.

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