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Can You Sell Me Cheap Solar Panel Packages?


Published by Mars November 16,2019

     Can you sell me cheap solar panel packages?Of course not. Do you know that the most of the cheap solar panel packages is made by second-hand solar cell materials? Nowadays, diy solar kits has gradually become popular. Search for "diy solar kits" on the shopping website, and the price ranges from 10dollars to 100dollars. As for the quality, there is no way to verify it. How to choose the reliable solar panel packages?


solar products manufacturers


     First of all, I would like to give you the suggestion that the key to ensure the products is to select the regular solar products manufacturers and control them at all levels. Do not be greedy for cheap, short service life, low power generation efficiency, use safety can not be guaranteed. Regular solar products manufacturers have strict testing from incoming materials to packaging.

solar products manufacturers

     For the reverse current test of the solar panel packages, if the reverse current of the battery is too large in the photovoltaic module, if a solar panel is shaded, the current will flow back and burn the solar panel packages. Therefore, anti reverse and bypass diodes should be installed in the junction box behind the solar panel packages to prevent the reverse current.


solar products manufacturers

     We don't sell cheap diy solar kits because we can't do our own signboards. The second-hand diy solar kits can not be detected by the naked eye, and only the El detector can reach a conclusion. Only through the passage of time will you find that the power and efficiency of diy solar kits are getting lower and lower, and even the news in the figure below will appear.

solar products manufacturers

    If you don’t know that which solar products manufacturers you can trust. Mars solar can help you.

    Believe Mars.Choose Mars. Choose quality.

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