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Full solar panel kit can alleviate the summer energy shortage in Poland


Published by Mars November 09,2019

   Poland's increased electricity consumption in the summer of recent years has become a problem in the energy sector. Most of the increased energy consumption comes from the use of air conditioners. This situation was very serious last year, and some areas even experienced energy shortages. The Polish Energy and Power Company (PSE) said that just as winter makes full use of wind power, fully exploiting solar potential may be the solution.


solar power system factory


1) BAPV (full solar panel kit and building combination) is the main form at present. The full solar panel kit station will be installed on the roof and exterior of the building that has been put into use, and will not affect the original structure of the building. The sole purpose of BAPV is to use idle space for power generation. The core appeal is to improve power generation efficiency (including low cost and high power);


2) BIPV (full solar panel kit building integration) is also a combination of full solar panel kit and buildings. The difference is that wholesale solar kits components and buildings are integrated into an inseparable part. The components have the functions of power generation, decoration and building materials, and are not unique in power generation performance.


solar power system factory


3) Non-architectural scenes, including complementary projects such as agricultural wholesale solar kits and complementary fish and light, will combine wholesale solar kits and other industries.

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