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Nigeria plan to build 30MW solar panel mounting kit


Published by Mars December 07,2019

    According to reports, Nigeria will build a 30 MW solar panel mounting kit in Kaduna State, the project is signed with DLO Energy Group. The development of a 30 MW solar panel mounting kit is expected to begin next year and will generate enough electricity to power homes, including customers of major local utility providers.


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    The energy generated is expected to be sold to Kaduna Power Supply, a local company responsible for power distribution. The new solar panel mounting kit contract complements the portfolio of a South African company that has invested heavily in the African continent. Except in Nigeria, it is prepared to provide a total of 300 MW of solar panel mounting kit electricity in several states.


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      The founder of DLO Energy stated, "We are pleased to work with our partners and the Kaduna State Government on this solar panel roof  mounting kit project. This is a great opportunity to provide Kaduna with power. This deal is Africa's solution to Africa an solar panel roof mounting kit example, and more importantly, it provides a real opportunity for cooperation between South Africa and Nigeria. "

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