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Zimbabwe PGMs proposed to build 160MW solar panel inverter battery kit


Published by Mars October 10,2019

       Zimplats Holdings, the largest producer of platinum metallurgical groups (PGMs) in Zimbabwe, said it is considering the feasibility of building a 160MW solar panel inverter battery kit to ensure that the group's operations are uninterrupted by power and affordable.PGMS is Zimbabwe's second-largest mineral exporter after gold, and Zimbabwe has earned $4.7 billion from mineral exports this year.


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      It is reported that the feasibility study of the solar panel inverter battery kit project will be completed by the end of July next year, and Zimplats' technology partners will determine the total cost, risk, financing strategy and project schedule of the solar panel inverter battery kit project. Although Zimplats has not yet disclosed the location of the solar panel inverter battery kit.


solar system manufacturer


     As we all know, the sunshine conditions in most parts of Zimbabwe are good all year round. Therefore, it is very suitable for the development of solar power kit with battery systems. At present, Zimbabwe's average daily electricity demand is 2,100 megawatts, while its own power supply capacity is only 1,229 megawatts. The gap can only rely on imports from neighboring countries such as South Africa and Mozambique. Zesa’s previous request raised the price per kWh from 9.86 cents to 15 cents, but the proposal was rejected by the Minister of Energy, Simon Moyo. The proposal was also strongly resisted by the Zimbabwe Industry Federation (CZI), which believes that the increase in electricity tariffs will have a heavy blow to Zimbabwe’s industrial recovery.


     Under this circumstance, Platinum Group built this 160MW solar power kit with battery to solve this problem of power shortage.

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