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How to improve the power generation of whole home solar kit?


Published by Mars June 02,2020

     This article can be read by both purchased whole home solar kit and customers who have not purchased it. So how to improve the power generation of the whole home solar kit.


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Solar radiation for whole home solar kit         

    When the conversion efficiency of solar panel module is constant, the power generation of whole home solar kit is determined by the solar radiation intensity. Usually, the solar radiation utilization efficiency of whole home solar kit is only about 18%. So we should consider the solar radiation intensity, spectral characteristics, and climate conditions.


Tilt Angle of solar panel module

      The azimuth angle of solar modules is generally chosen in the south direction to maximize the output per unit capacity of whole home solar kit. As long as it is in the South (+20 degrees), it will not have a great impact on power generation. If conditions permit, it should be 20 degrees southwest as far as possible.


Efficiency and Quality of Solar Modules            

       Calculating formula: theoretical power generation = annual average total solar radiation * total battery area * photoelectric conversion efficiency. There are two factors: cell area and photoelectric conversion efficiency. Conversion efficiency has a direct impact on off grid solar panel system power generation.


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Component Matching Loss            

     Any series connection will cause current loss due to component current difference, and any parallel connection will cause voltage loss due to component voltage difference. Losses may exceed 8%. In order to reduce matching loss loss and increase off grid solar panel system power generation, attention should be paid to the following aspects: 1. Reducing matching loss, using current-consistent components in series as far as possible; 2. Keeping the attenuation of components as consistent as possible.


Temperature (ventilation)            

       Data show that the high output power of crystalline silicon photovoltaic module group decreases by 0.04% when the temperature rises by 1 C. So we should avoid the influence of temperature on off grid solar panel system power generation and maintain good ventilation conditions.

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