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Tesla's solar panel and inverter kit ecosystem


Published by Mars September 21,2019

    Tesla cars, I think everyone has heard and seen that the value of a car full of electric cars is more than one million. For people, this is not a car but a dream. Everyone thinks that Tesla is a new energy vehicle. In fact, Tesla's business is far more than this. Recently, Tesla's global vice president at the Internet conference told the next step of Tesla's layout - the energy ecosystem. In the future, people's supply and demand for energy may change.


     On November 17, 2016, Tesla Electric Vehicle acquired SolarCity, a US solar power system supplier, which transformed Tesla into the world's only vertically integrated energy company, providing customers with end-to-end clean energy including Powerwall energy walls and solar panel and inverter kit roofs product.


solar power system supplier


    Tesla Global Vice President attended the Internet Conference and introduced Tesla to create a sustainable energy ecosystem for the world. The system combines solar panel and inverter kit roof, Solar Panels, Powerwall and Powerpack to form a vertically integrated capability solution that combines energy harvesting, generation, storage and use to meet the needs of home businesses and utilities. Energy demand.


    Imagine that in the future, our house is equipped with solar panel and inverter kit tiles, the walls are solar panel and inverter kit curtain walls, the courtyards are equipped with photovoltaic panels, solar power inverter kit power generation during the day, can be used for household use, and the electricity can be stored through the storage battery after the endless battery storage. Used for home appliances, so that all the clean energy used throughout the day. If every household has such a device and uses renewable energy directly, then the environment in which we live and live will get better and better.


solar power system supplier


     Tesla's energy ecosystem can be described as tall, but it is a little far away from us. It may take five or ten years, but as renewable energy technologies become more mature, power generation costs are reduced, and renewables can be overcome. The bottleneck of energy generation in transportation, distribution, storage, etc., I believe that this day will be closer to us.

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