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Factory have high energy consumption? Does not exist!


Published by Mars September 21,2019

    When it comes to the factory's manufacturing workshop, everyone's first impression is high energy consumption and high emissions! That's right, this is the status quo that many manufacturing companies are ubiquitous! However, there is no such situation in Zhenjiang Weite Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., they have a move, energy-saving leading production enterprises.


complete solar kitcomplete solar kit


     On October 15th, the 246KW rooftop solar power starter kit invested and constructed by Zhenjiang Weite Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in its factory was successfully connected to the grid for power generation through the acceptance of the power supply company, indicating that Zhenjiang Weite Pharmaceutical has made important importance in energy conservation and emission reduction of enterprises. One step, but also in the forefront of peers.

     It is reported that the installed capacity of the solar power starter kit system project is 246KW, a total of 2pcs 33KW inverters, 4pcs 36KW inverters, and 810 270Wp polycrystalline solar panels. After the project is connected to the grid, the annual power generation is expected to reach 220,000 kWh. It can save 86 tons of standard coal, 309 tons of carbon dioxide and 6.6 tons of sulfur dioxide.


easy solar kiteasy solar kit


     Looking at it now, it has become a new trend for pharmaceutical companies to use their abundant plant resources to build solar power starter kit. Under such a general trend, pharmaceutical companies can integrate superior resources and can implement corporate social responsibility for energy conservation and emission reduction through solar power starter kit power generation. In the future, the “pharmaceutical enterprises + solar power starter kit” model will be more and more, and the wider and wider.

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