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Nigeria plans to install 10GW solar kits wholesale by 2024


Published by Mars July 02,2020

      According to local media, just in June, the Minister of Energy and Steel of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chindu Nebo, signed a memorandum of understanding with the South Korean company HQMC, and HQMC will be responsible for installing a 10 GW solar kits wholesale by 2024.


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    Under this cooperation framework, HQMC has invested USD 30 billion in constructing the project since January 2014. HQMC announced that the company will complete at least 1GW of solar kits wholesale construction each year in the next 10 years.


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      Recently the Nigerian government has started paying attention to the application of solar kits wholesale. In mid-April, Henshaw Ewa, Minister of Science and Technology of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, said at a press conference that Nigeria will focus on building a science and technology park, focusing on the development of technologies and equipment related to the solar kits wholesale industry. Henshaw Ewa said that the government does not oppose the import of solar panel roof mounting kit from abroad, but he also said that building a solar panel roof mounting kit industry base in Nepal is a fundamental measure to ensure domestic supply.

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