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Continuous power supply for 161 hours! South Africa breaks the African record


Published by Mars February 17,2020

     Recently, a South African solar panel ground mount kit has been continuously supplying electricity all day and night, breaking a new African record.


solar panel frame kit


     In the first month of commercial operation, the new Bokpoort Solar Power (CSP) plant has been continuously supplying 161 hours to South Africa through the construction and operation of Saudi Power's power supply, which is almost equivalent to six days of continuous power supply. The solar panel ground mount kit is located in Kheis, Grubersp, Northern Cape, South Africa. The solar panel ground mount kit project is powered by its 1300 MW molten salt storage facility, which provides 9.3 hours of heat storage, breaking the highest record in Africa.


       The CEO said: “The continuous supply of electricity from solar panel ground mount kit is not only a significant milestone for Saudi Power, but also contributes to the development of the renewable energy industry in South Africa. Our goal is to provide safety at the lowest possible cost,Reliable and efficient power. By adopting innovative technologies and energy from the sun, this is a breakthrough in the use of solar panel frame mounting kit in commercial and utility scales."


solar panel frame kit


    The chief executive of the Bokpoort CSP power plant added, “The biggest feature of the CSP is its ability to generate energy for a long time after sunset. CSP technology can be used in the same way as a basic load capacity of a conventional solar panel frame mounting kit. The success and newness of thissolar panel frame mounting kit,the application of technology proves that the commercial-scale CSP plant is valuable. The future energy needs of South Africa under the procurement plan of solar panel frame mounting kit independent power producers."


    The peak daily electricity consumption in South Africa is from 5 pm to 9 pm. The newly introduced CSP spike price is conducive to encouraging the development of thermal storage capacity. The Bokpoort CSP shows that due to its good design and solar radiation available on the website, its 9.3 hour heat storage can easily be extended to allow continuous operation to provide electricity.

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