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Make the most of solar energy! Will be equipped with rv solar systems panels


Published by Mars February 17,2020

    By next year, one in two HDB flats across Singapore will be equipped with solar panels. China will greatly expand the installation range of rv solar systems panels in the future, and the electricity generated will meet the annual electricity demand of about 350,000 households by 2030.

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    The government issued a tender earlier this month that required solar panels to be installed in 1,218 HDB flats, 30 primary and secondary schools, Ministry of National Defense buildings and hospitals, crematoriums and hawker centers.

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    Minister of Trade and Industry Chen Zhensheng announced at the opening ceremony of Singapore International Energy Week on October 29 that China rv solar systems plans to increase the installed capacity of solar energy to at least 2 GigaWatt Peak (GWp) in 2030. Towards a sustainable future.


    This target is equivalent to nearly eight times the current 260 MW peak level.

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