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Benefits of photovoltaic systems


Published by Mars February 17,2020

    The rapid development of photovoltaics in recent years has proved that it is excellent enough, and the cost of the system is continuously reduced, allowing more people to use cheap electricity. With the advancement of technology, the price of photovoltaic systems will also drop, and the installation of photovoltaic systems power generation is also a very cost-effective investment.
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    Photovoltaic power generation is the only energy equipment that can be installed in residential areas at this stage. It does not bring any impact. It converts the cheapest solar energy into usable electricity, does not consume any resources on the earth, and is energy-saving and emission-reducing. The best choice. In recent years, photovoltaic power generation is widely sought after by developed countries in Europe and the United States. They have installed photovoltaic power generation on their roofs to reduce the cost of electricity and achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction.


    Photovoltaic is a kind of intermittent energy. Without the assistance of energy storage, it can only be integrated into the power grid, relying on other energy sources for peak and frequency regulation, and the installed capacity is limited. If photovoltaic power generation is to become the main energy source, it can be infinitely expanded with energy storage For photovoltaic applications, photovoltaic power generation can be installed everywhere.

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    In recent years, energy storage has developed rapidly and costs have fallen rapidly. With the blessing of energy storage, each place can be a small power station, which can turn photovoltaic power generation into high-quality energy, and can also assist the power grid to regulate peak and frequency. With energy storage, photovoltaic power generation can truly become the choice of every household.

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