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Germany introduces new renewable energy law


Published by Mars December 25,2020

    Recently, the German Parliament passed a draft reform of the country's renewable Paneles Solares Precios energy law, the so-called "EEG-Novelle".

Basic Solar Setup


    Under the new regulatory framework, some changes will be made to the photovoltaic industry:

    The most important one involves the exemption of the so-called EEG tax, which usually applies to all electricity producers and funds all renewable energy support programs in the country. The exemption will apply to all self-use photovoltaic systems with a scale of no more than 30kW per year. Production does not exceed 30MWh. According to the previous rules, this limit is set to 10kW. Starting in January, the measure will apply to existing and new photovoltaic systems.

Dc Solar System

    In addition, although it is only applicable to systems with a capacity of up to 300kW, the feed-in tariff scheme for rooftop photovoltaics is still maintained. Under the previous regulatory framework, the upper limit was 750kW.

    Owners of photovoltaic installations ranging from 300kW to 750kW will have two options: construct the project according to the public utility-scale PV bidding plan, but not for own use; or accept FIT (half compared with small systems), but allow self-consumption The energy produced.

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