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How to distinguish the quality of pv panels in solar power kit for home?


Published by Mars February 17,2020

     More and more solar power kit for home are being built, from distributed homes to large-scale centralized power plants on the ground. Therefore, the power generation of solar power kit for home and the quality of solar power kit for home have become a concern of many owners. From the surrounding friends, it is known that solar power kit for home generation is very happy after it is built. It is the enjoyment of enjoying the benefits of environmental protection. If power generation is not high, there have been problems!



solar system manufacturer


    The most important component of the front end of the power station is the solar module, also known as the pv panels. The quality of pv panels will undoubtedly directly affect the efficiency and service life of this system. How can distinguish the quality of the pv panels?  


     Firstly,chose regular pv panels manufacturers is very important. Some industry reputation, good reputation, is the premise. If mass procurement is the best place to visit the factory, the quality can be guaranteed.


  Secondly, look at the pv panels production process, which is relatively straightforward, see if there is no leakage welding when the battery string is welded. I believe that even the layman can directly see the appearance.


   Thirdly, look at the quality of the pv panels back pressure, whether there is any unevenness in the pressure, or bubbles, wrinkles, etc. Bubbles and wrinkles need to be carefully looked at, not easy to see in the sun.


  Fourth, look at the quality of the border, is it strictly into a rectangle, the error is not too big.


  Fifth, look at the conversion rate, high conversion rate is the guarantee of stable income!


So as a professional solar system manufacturer Mars Solar, why is the quality of our pv panels better than other suppliers?Please see the comparison chart below:


solar system manufacturer


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