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What is the islanding effect of solar panel grid tie kit?


Published by Mars August 14,2019

    The solar panel grid tie kit has an important protection function to prevent the islanding effect.So what is the island effect? What are the hidden dangers of the islanding effect on the safety of solar panel grid tie kit? As a solar system manufacturer Mars Solar, we will answer for you.


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    The islanding effect refers to the phenomenon that the solar panel grid tie kit still supplies power to the load as an isolated power source in the case of grid power loss. The “island effect” has significant hidden dangers to the safety of equipment and personnel. The hidden danger of solar panel grid tie kit and personnel safety on the one hand is that when the maintenance personnel stop the power supply of the power grid and overhaul the power lines and power equipment, if the inverter of the solar panel grid tie kit continues to supply power, it will cause maintenance personnel casualties accident. On the other hand, when a power failure occurs due to a grid fault, if the grid-connected inverter continues to supply power, once the grid is restored, the grid voltage and the output voltage of the grid-connected whole home solar panel kit may have large differences in phase. A large inrush current is generated in an instant, which damages the whole home solar panel kit.



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  Anti-island protection whole home solar panel kit grid-connected inverters generally adopt two "island effect" detection methods, including passive and active detection methods. The passive detection method detects the amplitude, frequency and phase of the grid voltage in real time. When the grid loses power, it will generate a hopping signal on the parameters such as the amplitude, frequency and phase of the grid voltage. By detecting the hopping signal, it is judged whether the grid is Loss of power. The active detection method generates a small interference signal to the grid parameters, and detects the feedback signal to determine whether the grid is de-energized. One method is to measure the harmonic voltage value generated by the harmonic current outputted by the whole home solar panel kit inverter at the grid connection point, thereby the impedance of the power grid is obtained to judge. When the power grid loses power, a large change occurs in the impedance parameter of the power grid to determine whether the power grid is out of power.

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