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How to extend solar panel kit with battery use life?


Published by Mars August 13,2019

     In the solar panel kit with battery system, the shortest life component is the battery, but the cost in solar panel kit with battery is the largest. In theory, the life of the colloidal lead-acid battery can be up to 5 years, and the lead carbon battery can be 7-8 years, but in practice In the application, the battery cannot be used so a long time.What is the reason? After years of field experience,solar system manufacturer Mars found that the life of the battery is mainly related to charging, discharging and ambient temperature.Slove these problems,can externd the battery use life,extend solar panel kit with battery use life.


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1.Solar power battery charging.


    The smaller the charging current in solar panel kit with battery, the better. Because the current is small, the finer the crystals formed by the reaction, the more complete the reaction, and the more electricity that can be stored. Moreover, the current is small, the smaller the battery heat is generated, and the less the electrode plate is deformed, the less the effective material on the electrode plate will fall off.


2.Working temperature.


     Excessive ambient temperature has a large impact on the service life of valve-controlled solar power battery. When the temperature rises, the plate corrosion of the solar power battery will increase, and more water will be consumed, thereby shortening the solar power battery life. In order to achieve the optimal service life of the valve-controlled solar power battery, the use environment under constant temperature should be created as much as possible while maintaining good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions of the solar power battery. The room in which the solar rechargeable batteries are placed should have air conditioning equipment. The solar rechargeable batteries should be placed with proper spacing to improve the heat exchange between the solar rechargeable batteries and the environmental medium. A gap of not less than 15 mm is maintained between the solar rechargeable batteries, and a "ventilation passage" having a spacing of not less than 150 mm between the solar rechargeable batteries and the upper partition is used to lower the temperature rise.


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3.Solar battery pack discharge.


     The solar battery pack has a maximum discharge current, discharge rate = charge and discharge current / rated capacity;Over-discharge for a long time, or sudden changes in the charging current, will reduce the solar battery pack life. Many people think that as long as there is solar panel kit with battery, the solar battery pack will be charged, which will protect the solar battery pack from the loss of electricity. In fact, the number of cycles of the solar battery pack is certain, between 350 and 400, that is, the charge reaches or exceeds this number. At that time, it is the retirement time of the solar battery pack, so the charge depends on the amount of electricity and then decide whether it should be replenished.


4.Sun battery depth of discharge.


  During sun battery use, the percentage of the sun battery's discharged capacity as a percentage of its rated capacity is called the depth of discharge (DOD).

   The deeper the daily discharge depth of the sun battery for long-term operation, the shorter the sun battery life, the shallower the discharge depth, and the longer the sun battery life. Shallow cycle discharge helps to extend sun battery life. The shallow cycle of the solar powered battery pack has two distinct advantages: first, the solar powered battery pack generally has a long cycle life; second, the solar powered battery pack often maintains more spare ampere-hour capacity, so that the solar panel kit with battery's power supply guarantee rate is higher. According to the actual operating experience, the moderate discharge depth is 60% to 70%.

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