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What are the differences between KW and KVA for solar energy project?


Published by Mars February 17,2020

    KW and KVA are two solar energy project units that are widely used.Some solar energy project are used to using KW, some solar energy project are used to using KVA.Our electrical items at home are rated by KW,Kilowatt is the units we see on our electricity bill.But in some area,like solar energy project,power inverter capacity,KW and KVA are mixed use.So what are the differences between KW and KVA?

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    KVA tells you the total amount of power in use in a solar power kit system. In a 100% efficient solar power kit system 1KW = 1KVA. However electrical systems are never 100% efficient and therefore most of systems power is being used for power output,remaining power have converted into heat or another loss.

    KW is the amount of solar power kit power that is converted into a useful output power.KW is therefore known as actual power or working power.

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    The relationship between KW and KVA using something we’d all understand like beer.So imagine you’re sat in your local pub, pint in hand. The total contents of your pint glass (liquid + foam) is the KVA. However, only the liquid part of your beer serves to quench your thirst and this is the KW. The better the bar tender (the more efficient the electrical system), the more beer (KW) you get.


   When you purchase the solar energy system or power inverter, if you find that the two suppliers of the solar energy system with the same working rate offer different prices. Please confirm with the supplier the power you want (KW or KVA) and ensure the solar energy system is fully powered.Don’t buy useless goods for petty gain.

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