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     In order to extend solar panel system use life,after we finish the solar panel installation,we can do some maintain work.These solar panel system maintain work includes:


Solar panel

solar energy

 1.When you do solar panel installation, please don’t let buildings/trees or their shades.

2.During the solar panel installation, pay attention that it is not allow to have short circuit between solar pv positive and negative, short circuit will have irreparable damage for the solar pv.

3.After the solar panel system is installed, the dust/guano/leaves ect should be cleaned regularly, it can avoid the decrease of the power generation or the effect of the hot spot

4.When it have snow in winter,it is not allowed to cleaning up the panel with metal materials /hot water and so on, avoid the solar pv glass being burst.

  5.Solar pv install suggestion direction: The Southern Hemisphere country,solar panel face to North. The Northern Hemisphere country, solar panel face to South.

  6.The uses of solar energy bracket angle is latitude in your location add 10degree.For example,if you are in equatorial,the latitude is zero,then your solar panel bracket angle is 10degree.


PV array combiner

solar energy

1.It is recommended that the PV array combiner should be installed on the back of solar panels uk/indoor place or outdoor with sheleter.

2.It have switches inside PV array combiner. when you finished install the uses of solar energy system,put these switched “ON”.


Solar panel inverter

solar energy

1.When install solar panel inverter, please pay attention the positive and negative connection should be correct and stable.

2.We suggest the load peak power would not over inverter rated power. When solar panel inverter need to connect with appliances which have motor build in, like fridge/air conditioner/water pump/industrial equipment,please check these appliance peak starting power ,make sure it is not overload,then can start the inverter.If you are not sure,pls contact our sale staff.

3.After the uses of solar energy  system is installed, firstly make the solar panel inverter battery switch “ON” And then push ON/OFF button,when the sine wave inverter start to work normally,then start the load and city power.

4.When you need to shut down the sine wave inverter,firstly shut down the load,and then shut down the city power.Finally,push O

N/OFF button,shut down the sine wave inverter.


Solar inverter battery

solar energy

1.solar inverter battery should be installed in the ventilation and sunlight will not direct the place.Leave a certain distance between solar inverter battery and solar inverter battery,prevent poor heat dissipation.Do not stack the solar inverter battery with the battery.If possible,use battery cabinet.

2.Please pay attention that the inverter and battery positive and negative can not be reversed,and the connection should be stable.Connection short circuit is also not allowed.

3.Every 3months,please check the inverter and battery bank voltage.When you do the checking,please stop charging and discharging the battery,let the inverter and battery stand 4hrs,and then check the battery bank voltage.The normal battery voltage is 10.8V-15V.If it have abnormal voltage in battery bank,pls check the battery voltage one by one.

4.If power inverter battery are not need to use for long time, please charge and discharge these power inverter battery every 3months.

5.Old and new power inverter battery are not allowed to mix, difference model power inverter battery are not allowed to mix, difference manufacturers’ power inverter battery are not recommended mixed.

If you need to replace good inverter battery,pls contact our sale staff.

6.Our solar system specification ensure solar panel can generate enough power and charge the good inverter battery fully,it can prevent good inverter battery from hydrochlorination,increased good inverter battery use life.

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