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How Mars create value for customers in residential solar panel kits business?


Published by Mars May 31,2019

    Hello this is Kingwen. Welcome to my channel. Today I want to share how do I create value for my customers in residential solar panel kits business? If you are interested, read on.

     As you know, the residential solar panel kits are widely used. The buyers are not only home user, but also dealers and agencys. So today we will talk about if you are our customers, how do we create value for you?

home solar system kit residential solar panel kits


     Mr. Smith is one of my agency who works in United Kingdom. He owns two companies in the United Kingdom and United state. There are no doubt that this is a powerful agent. In the beginning,I received the phone call from Mr. Smith at 9pm. Over the phone, Mr. Smith told me which residential solar panel kits product he need and ask me send the quotation via Email. Because it was Qingming festival in China and everybody had a holiday. But I still keep in touch with clients when i am on the way to my vacation. During the holiday, we have signed the business agreement to each other that protect the benefit from each side. We entered into a partnership and have the cooperation. Focus came, I said the customers has their own company name and brand. And it has some residential solar panel kits products need to be customization. So when I ending my holiday I go back company and asked the workshop to manufacture the customization solar system kit product. Like other colourful box and print the customer’s company logo on the solar system kit product. This is a FIRST POINT what we do for our customer. Meet all the needs of our customers in time is our goal.


     Secondly, in addition of owning the company website, Mr.Smith also distributes solar system kit products and sells solar system kit on the Ebay, AliExpress and other online sales channels. For long-time cooperation, so I apply the UPC for free to my manager. Of course I got support from my boss and the company. Any more, I have provided more information, data and pictures for the construction of the website. Why are we doing this? Because we not only provide value for customers, transfer value, but also create value for our customers. That’s what a good supplier can do for you.

   Choose Mars, choose good supplier.

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