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Why Mars Solar Battery Is Difference Than Another Supplier?


Published by Mars May 20,2020

        Off grid solar and battery kit is widely to use in the world.Sometimes,the sunshine is very strong,so solar and battery kit can generate a lot power,sometimes,the sunshine is weak,so solar and battery kit can generate few power only.So off grid solar and battery kit use solar battery to store additional power when the sunshine is strong,supply additional power to your home when the sunshine is weak or unavailable.Solar battery is a very important parts in solar and battery kit.

       In the market, you will be surprised by the type of solar battery, the price of the solar battery is so different. The solar and battery kit mainly uses 2V 12V gel battery, and a few small portable solar and battery kit systems will use LiFePo4 lithium batteries. The difference in solar battery prices is mainly composed of two reasons: The first reason is that some traders on the market sell second-hand gel battery, not brand new gel battery. The second reason is the difference in raw materials and production processes. The difference in raw materials and production technology directly affects the quality of the gel battery.

       So what are the raw materials and production process differences between the Mars solar battery and other suppliers' solar battery?(It have a lot information in the picture,so the length of the pictures is long,if you can not load the picture,pls contact us directly to use the clearly [email protected])

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