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How should i do if i am new for home solar system?


Published by Mars June 01,2019

     Hi! This is Kingwen channel.In recent years,with quick global development in economy, meanwhile, the situation of global warming, environmental pollution and depletion of natural resources are becoming more and more serious. Environmentalists have pointed that not only the increasing pollution can lead to severe problems like global warming, it will threaten the survival of humans on the earth as well.So adopting new circling green energy are one of the best solution.

   Power is future.That means you can be sure of a home solar system market potential. If you don’t know home solar system or you want to know more about this field, please contact with Mars,who is the expert for home solar system.

solar electricity


        As you know, in addition to environmental and development issues, many developing countries and regions do not have a stable mains electricity supply. But their geographical environment is superior so that solar electricity and other green energy source are rich. They can purchase the home solar system to provide electricity for their home or factory. Mr. Vuthy is a dealer who comes from Vietnamese. Mr. Vuthy often drive to different customers home and solve the home solar system problem for them. Yep, it is Mars dealer too.Mr. Vuthy has imported the solar panel kits from Mars solar. He also take the solar panel kits to the customers. I soon received feedback from Vietnamese. In this solar panel kits,Mr. Vuthy purchase 6 pcs 350W mono type solar panel and he told me that the solar panel generator 1900 - 2000W power per hour. Why these solar panels not generator 2100W electricity power? In fact, the solar panel in test has specific environmental requirements. The best working temperature for the solar panel is 25 degree. Now in Vietnamese the ambient temperature has reached forty degrees. The temperature inside the solar panel will be more higher than this data. What’s more, the conversion rate of solar panels in such hot conditions is still 90 percent so that our solar panel used real good materials.


                                           solar electricity

   If you are new in solar area, if you don’t know about the solar electricity system, if you want to purchase the solar panel kits but have no idea, please contact us to provide you the best services and the professional advice.I am looking forward to you. Choose Mars solar, choose professional design.

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